Arrowhead Systems introduces the latest addition to their line-up of Priority One case palletizers. The new PriorityPal Low Level Case Palletizer offers several infeed designs, including a lower cost option for entry level palletizing applications.

Available as a MultiPal rotary (shown) or shuttle car multi-line palletizing system, or stand-alone machine.

Picture of Priority One PriorityPal LL Series Case Palletizer


PriorityPal HL Series High Level Case Palletizer

The Priority One PriorityPal High Level Case Palletizer features a flexible modular layout capable of running 1-10 layers per minute depending on the product and machine configuration.

The PriorityPal is designed to palletize a variety of packages including cases, trays, bundles, film only and display packs. The machine’s interactive HMI system enables operators to easily switch patterns. All PriorityPal High Level Case Palletizers come standard with remote diagnostic technology. Users can troubleshoot equipment from anywhere in the world with the addition of an internet connection.

Picture of Priority One PriorityPal HL Series Case Palletizer